Future Educational Institutions

We seek to disrupt the international educational industry with groundbreaking institutions worldwide, giving all students a truly memorable experience.

Saving Humankind From Illnesses

Biodefense aims on making significant efforts to prevent fatal and nonfatal human illness, to ultimately boost the average level of happiness within humanity.

Unparalleled Modern Cities

The Tao Omega Project aims to set a new, unthinkable standard for modern and up-to-date cities around Earth and beyond.

Uniting Humanity Against Disaster

Tao is creating an international defense organization dedicated to the protection of humankind against outside threats, such as asteroids, coronal mass ejections, and more.

Creating the Future of Electronics

Tao Electronics aims to create and mass distribute the most modern, futuristic, efficient, and ideal consumer electronics to humankind, to inch closer towards maximum prosperity.

Exploration of Deep Space

Tao’s Space Exploration effort focuses on accelerating humanity’s rate of advancement in space, so we can make life outside of Earth just as exciting and enjoyable as life on Earth.