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Worldwide Institutions For Research and Education

Tao aims on establishing the most advanced, prestigious, and overall ideal research institutes, in the major cities of the world.

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Exploring the unknown and destroying fear.


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Let’s Explore a brief comparison Below:

Harvard University, US

  • Ranked #4 Worldwide by QS World Rankings
Annenberg Hall
Intercultural Relations

Somehow, this is what Harvard looks like today.

For the most prestigious university in the world, this looks heavily outdated. The first image looks like some old British historical site, and the second one looks like a dead yoga session.

In Line with Tao’s Vision

  • Currently in Early Stage of Development
Chengdu Metro
Galaxy Soho

These images are in line with what Tao will create.

Advanced universities should look & feel advanced, and have the most advanced research & education. They also should not have 1 single campus in 1 single country. That is unwise.

Interdisciplinary Efforts

A key way to make unparalleled discoveries and innovative solutions is interdisciplinary collaboration. For example, in order to solve some of the most difficult unsolved problems relating to the universe, such as String Theory, interdisciplinary collaboration between physicists and mathematicians would be ideal.

Visuals Reflect Status

We explained previously that some of the most major parts of Harvard University and other highly-ranked universities look embarrassingly old and outdated. We believe that the visual appearance, environment, and overall feel of our research and educational institutions should reflect their level of advancement and progress. That’s why we won’t be like Harvard.

An exciting, futuristic, inspiring environment boosts happiness

This thereby boosts productivity in both research and education.

Public research findings by various universities and research organizations have discovered a clear correlation between happiness and productivity.

We are not forcing you to have either of those traits, but who wants to be unhappy and unproductive? Not us.

Tao Research

Tao Education

StudyProductivity (%)Description
Oxford Saïd Business School13%Linked happiness to 13% higher productivity.
Oxford with BT13%Found happiness boosts productivity conclusively.
University of Warwick12%Happiness led to 12% productivity increase. report on Oxford University13%Workers 13% more productive when happy (Oxford study).

Waking Up More Minds

If you’ve watched The Matrix film, you’d know that it was a society full of people who have imprisoned minds, all oblivious to the truth. We believe our world is similar. Many people live there lives not knowing their full potential, that they can singlehandedly take actions to completely transform the world. Tao emphasizes that everybody has this potential fully.

Clear Goal & Vision

The goal of Tao is to maximize prosperity for humanity. We enlighten minds worldwide and make the most profound research discoveries. Without education, your knowledge and potential are severely limited, and without research, it would take much longer to advance humanity. Every little bit of your education matters, and every little research discovery matters.

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