Tao Biodefense: Codename Biodefense

A World Free of Illness

Tao creates the most innovative and advanced solutions and technologies dedicated to preventing humans from contracting fatal and nonfatal illnesses.

Biodefense Conducts Research and Development on Illness Prevention

The malaria parasite is so rampant in Africa that many children are afflicted over and over in a nearly continuous cycle. “You can’t think clearly, you feel terrible, and it stops you from being able to go to school or have a productive life.”

NBC News, US

Dream of a World Without Fatal Human Illness

Imagine all the lives that could be saved.

Imagine all the geniuses who could change the world.
Imagine disease so rare, that most surgery centers cease operations.
Imagine never again having any small talk about currently-common health problems.
Imagine a world where there is no fatal or nonfatal illness, and prosperity is at an all-time-high. This is the ideal future.

safeguarding life

Every individual holds boundless potential. If you choose a person at random, they, in almost every case, possess the brain power to single-handedly take actions to positively transform all of humanity. The only limit lies within the confines of our own minds. With determination, one can overcome any obstacle imaginable and find a way to accomplish their goals. Our objective is to safeguard these invaluable lives against illnesses, allowing every individual to make contributions to humanity’s happiness.

Increased prosperity

There’s no doubt that since the Apollo 11 Moon landing, we have made significant technological progress and breakthroughs. But it’s not enough. In 1969, when we had seemingly nothing compared to today, we managed to send people to the Moon. Not to the North or South Pole, but to the Moon. Today, we have seemingly everything, but we still have silly illnesses killing people. This must change immediately.

International Collaboration to Advance the Eradication of Illness

We love humanity more than any other organization ❤️

Maximum Happiness

Illness Prevention significantly contributes to one of our primary goals of increasing the average level of happiness within humanity. When we are ill, we are unhappy, that is an obvious fact. Not only do illnesses make us unhappy, but they can cause lifelong complications or even death. This problem is not emphasized or looked at enough, around the world today. Tao hopes to prevent human contraction of major illnesses so that our species remains prosperous, happy, and in overall good condition.

Time Efficiency

On average, a normal human will become ill with a virus multiple times per year. Being ill can significantly reduce our productivity, due to the potential severity of the illness as well as the necessity to get rest so the immune system can deal with the illness. Time is the ultimate currency, we should not waste it. If you are never ill, you have saved that much time, even if it’s not much. Every nanosecond is critical.

Tao Public Statement on Biodefense Project

Biodefense is a project of Tao’s Research Division (X Research). You can see the latest update regarding the Biodefense project below.