Tao Cities: Codename Omega

bringing back enthusiasm worldwide

We should be living in a world full of prosperous cities with modern tech, infrastructure, and a high standard of living. Tao’s Omega Project develops private cities worldwide, and revitalizes existing cities.

Comparing Outdated Regions to Modernizing Regions

Even if some comparisons are slightly unfair, the fact that the 2nd pictures are even possible is shocking.

1 – Los Angeles, USA, Earth
2 – Hong Kong SAR, Earth
1 – San Francisco, USA, Earth
2 – Guangzhou, China
1 – Seattle, USA, Earth
2 – Singapore, Earth
1 – Chicago, USA, Earth
2 – Chongqing, China, Earth
1 – New York Metro, USA, Earth
2 – Chengdu Metro, China, Earth

Major Innovation

Modern cities across the world are major centers of innovation and collective human intelligence. Work and effort that changes the world is conducted in these cities. You look at Tesla, they are headquartered in Austin, a major city in Texas, USA. Tencent is headquartered in Shenzhen, a major city in China. American Express in New York City, Samsung in Seoul, and much more.

Rapid Transit Access

In modern cities, there is no need to drive your own vehicle around. Instead, you can simply take a train to your destination using modern metro systems with modern technologies implemented. It is fast, efficient, and accessible. Modern technologies massively reduce the amount of time you spend trying to access the metro system and be transported via it.

Existing Modern Cities are Beyond Prosperous


Shanghai, China
Beijing, China
Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Hong Kong, China

See Locations for the Omega Project

Strong Morals

A modern city is practically pointless if the people of the city do not have any degree of morality and/or conformity, because the city would instantly be destroyed. Private cities created under the Omega project would ensure that such cities are built in regions where the people possess a great amount of morality relative to other regions. Some examples include the region of East Asia, including the countries of Japan, Singapore, and more.

Very Lively Atmosphere

Cities affiliated with the Omega Project would inspire you to get important things done. This lively atmosphere coupled with the fact that these cities would feature never-before-seen highly-advanced technologies would make these cities the most inspiring place to live. When living in these cities, you are surrounded by hard-working, determined people with a high degree of morality, as well as technologies, infrastructure, and buildings of high modernity, being continuously upgraded.

Tao Public Statement on Omega Project

See the latest significant public statement by Tao on our Omega Project, where we plan on revitalizing existing major cities and building new private cities worldwide.