The First Proposed City of Omega

We have published a page on our website with general details regarding the first proposed Tao city under our Omega City Development Project. We have decided to temporarily give this proposed city the name “Wick” symbolizing the city’s constant activity and liveliness in the future. You can find the relevant webpage by clicking here.

We are currently reaching out to various companies, organizations, agencies, governmental bodies, and other entities worldwide, for guidance and assistance in starting the Wick city. The leadership structure for the Wick City division of the Omega Project is not yet defined, as Wick is purely in a vision stage at this time.

Wick will be discussed in our Tao 2024 Presentation, currently planned to take place in Hong Kong at the time of typing this.

More info is to come in the future, thanks for reading. We accept inquiries via our email address.