Press Release on Proposed International Defense Organization

Atmos is proposing an international military defense force called World Defense to safeguard all of humanity from threats originating from outside humanity’s sphere of influence. This includes hazardous asteroids that are on a trajectory which intercepts Earth, geomagnetic storms (see the Carrington Event) originating from Earth’s Sun, extraterrestrial beings which seek to harm humanity, and more. World Defense is not based on any single human nation or region. This is about protecting every human alive, because everyone, regardless of their thoughts at present, has limitless potential just waiting to be utilized to the maximum.

It’s high time humanity stop dividing itself over stupid things. Though it is important for each region to preserve their own culture and tradition as they wish, it is also important to not be so hyper-focused on national borders, and excessive patriotism, as this often leads to the use of only emotions when making decisions or forming opinions, and causes bigotry, when the right option would be to simply use logic. Ultimately, this problem leads to further division within humanity. World Defense, as mentioned, aims on protecting all of humanity. Atmos’ World Defense has no favorites. There are also no allies of World Defense, because that cannot be possible when World Defense is protecting all of humanity.

You don’t have to just believe us; instead, listen to the words of the renowned astrophysicist, educator, science communicator, author, and the head of the world-famous Hayden Planetarium, Neil DeGrasse Tyson:

The world always needs leaders who see beyond national borders.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

The structure of the World Defense agency is still under consideration, as there have been no formal finalizations. To put it simply, World Defense is absolutely essential to humanity, for the protection of our species and for human unification.

There is a growing concern from Atmos that the United Nations (UN), the current leading intergovernmental organization for world peace and unification, is not capable of effectively developing a global defense against potential hostile forces outside our home world(s). Given the vastness of the universe and the certainty of the existence of a hostile alien civilization somewhere relatively close to us in the cosmos, it is crucial that we prepare ourselves to defend against possible attacks. Even if we are almost certain to lose in such a (currently) seemingly unrealistic war, it is always worth trying, for the preservation of humanity.

Our current most powerful weapon of mass destruction, nuclear warheads, would likely be useless against aliens. If we deployed a nuclear warhead against aliens, it would be comparable to a tiny insect trying to ram into an elephant’s side, hoping that the elephant even remotely noticed.

If we, humanity, were to face a war against aliens, the aliens would be like the modern US Military in 2023 fighting the Indus Valley Civilization over 4,000 years ago, with humanity being the Indus Valley Civilization, of course. We’d probably be toast. We must be prepared for the worst-case scenario, and Atmos World Defense aims to help humankind get prepared.

You can learn more about our proposed international defense organization on its respective page on our website