Making Utopia Seem Just a Bit More Achievable

Utopia is not something that’s possible in our universe, however, we can do our best to get as close to a perfect world as we can.

Tao Research and Development

Our Research and Development operations in an effort to increase world prosperity are reflected in our many R&D projects. From building new private cities worldwide to curing the most dangerous fatal and nonfatal illnesses, nothing will get in our way in the long-term.

To advance humanity in a specific field swiftly and effectively, our primary strategy is Research and Development. This entails in-depth, innovative research and applying the acquired knowledge to create visible solutions.

Our Research and Development operations take place in major cities around the world, including Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York City, and more. All personnel and R&D efforts are interconnected via the Tao Worldwide Network (more info coming soon).

While not all of Tao encompasses Research and Development projects (e.g., our Shield effort is not categorized as R&D), it remains a fundamental element of Tao that enables our innovative initiatives.