Groundbreaking Tech Developed for the World

Tao’s Research and Development Technology Division will create the most beautiful, futuristic, and overall ideal technologies for all of mankind.

Tao Technology R&D

Tao, already largely a research and development entity, focuses heavily on technology research for its technology division. Research and development operations, not just for Tao Technology but for all Tao divisions, are conducted at our International Centers, located across the globe in the world’s most prosperous cities and regions, creating the overall best experience. The goal of Tao Technology is to maximize the efficiency, beauty, and overall idealness of its product and services for the world. This includes but of course is not limited to consumer electronics (smartphones, workstations, notebooks, and more innovative solutions), and more advanced, high-level electronics to potentially be provided to other large entities via contract (space agencies, for example).

Tao Technology’s research findings will be made public for the world to see, in an effort to increase humanity’s knowledge. Something we, or at least I, the Founder of Tao, dislike doing, is limiting people’s potential and freedom. If we make a major research breakthrough at Tao Technology, discovering something unheard of, we will make it public one way or another. It will hurt our own potential to make a greater profit, but money is not everything, and we would also bolster competition internationally.

It is also important to note that we have a goal of, at least eventually, channeling 50% of the profit from Tao’s Technology division to our Anti-Illness Research and Development effort, Biodefense, because you cannot enjoy the beauty of life if you’re dead.

Tao Technology will be heavily interconnected with other Tao divisions, to increase Tao’s efficiency and rate of advancement. We believe that competition is a key part of world prosperity, and we hope that Tao’s desired success will encourage and drive other companies to do the same.