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But perhaps we’re not asking the right question. Tao’s future international research & education institutions focus on maximizing student happiness and knowledge.

The Most Advanced Research and Education Centers

Tao Research will offer the most beautiful, technologically advanced research centers ever known to humankind.

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X Research is in the very early stages of development

Exceptional Environment

Tao’s Educational Institutions stand out as one of the most modern establishments of its kind. Its architecture, design, efficiency, along with its educational curriculum, as well as overall convenience have all been meticulously crafted to create an exceptional atmosphere. When you look at universities like Harvard, they are at the top of the world rankings, however, when you actually attend them, they are boring, depressing, outdated, old, and do not provide enough enthusiasm.


If there is one thing we would never do, it is limiting ourselves to a single nation. Tao Education along with all other aspects of Tao are internationalized. Our educational institution along with all other Tao Projects are located across Earth and beyond. In order to have well-rounded students, they must be familiar with the world just as much as they are familiar with the region/country they were born in.

Tao Institutions are Located in the Greatest Cities of the World







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X Research University is the higher education institute of Tao. We place a high degree of emphasis on research, particularly in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). All of the most groundbreaking discoveries in STEM today are made through research. Researchers at X Research will make the most industry-shocking discoveries. They will be assisted with AI and other innovative tools available.

Freedom of Travel

Because Tao maintains its own institutions worldwide, you are free to jump from one Tao location to another, as long as there is room available and you are approved. It not only gives students a chance to travel the world while continuing their studies, but it also allows them to become more well-rounded individuals by experiencing other societies and cultures.

Additional Info on Tao Education

See the latest news of Tao Education and its divisions, such as X Foundations Institute and X Research University.