Turning the Unknown into the known

Illuminating the Profound Shadows of Ignorance

We believe that our worldwide academic research will lead to the discovery of new methods to solve the most significant problems in the world today.

Tao is centered around research to benefit you

At our global sites, researchers discover inspiration to explore diverse horizons, igniting motivation and joy as they delve into the world’s mysteries.

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Exploring the secrets of the universe and space.

An Exciting Environment

Often, research institutes will have many researchers and, though they will often produce outstanding results, the research environment will often be quite boring, outdated, and inefficient. This is what changes with Tao – our academic research and R&D centers are located in the most prosperous and exciting cities of the world. Tao Research centers are centered around futurism while still being culturally-influenced.

Practical Application

A great amount of universities and research institutes have people conducting research all day, with no practical use for their research results in sight. This can often result in a lack of motivation and meaning, ultimately resulting in a decrease in happiness and research productivity. Tao will do its best to make it clear why certain things are being researched and what significant things the research results will lead to.

Autonomy and Risk-Taking ultimately lead to innovation

Statistics and research findings reveal that employee autonomy and ability to have options and take risks ultimately leads to increased innovation.

Modern Education

Unlike many other institutions worldwide today, Tao Research plans on providing modern education to students, via university education, the IB program, and other resources including our own. Learning becomes boring and seemingly meaningless when you don’t know why you’re learning about certain things, and the learning environment is not conducive to motivation. With Tao, this changes completely. Students need inspiration.

Public Engagement

Tao is committed to significantly enhancing our communication with the public regarding our research endeavors and achievements. We are dedicated to sharing the what, why, and how of our work, emphasizing its significance and how it will positively impact you. Our goal is to inspire the public daily, ensuring they are aware that tangible progress is underway to greatly enhance their lives, and that they can be a part of it if they desire.

Tao 2024 Presentation

See the Tao 2024 Presentation in Asia, where Tao will unveil many of its significant worldwide efforts to maximize the level of prosperity within humankind.