Tao Space: Codename Deep

Exploration and Research of the Universe

Deep, a branch of Tao, aims to make significant accelerations in humanity’s rate of progress and advancement in space, to make the unknown known, and to make the impossible possible.

Making the most significant advancements in space

Why go to the stars? Because we are the descendants of those primates who chose to look over the next hill. Because we won’t survive here indefinitely. Because the stars are there, beckoning with fresh horizons.

James and Gregory Benford

Beta Website of Deep

View the demo website of the currently WIP space exploration division of Tao, called Deep.

Beyond the Asteroid Belt

If we want to explore the deepest parts and the most fundamental aspects of our universe, then we must start by expanding humanity beyond the silly little asteroid belt in our solar system. SpaceX, the innovative aerospace company, prioritizes the colonization of Mars. Tao is interested in working with SpaceX and others to share data to help further understand how we will bring humanity beyond the Asteroid belt, and beyond our star system, to work towards reaching the deepest parts of the universe and beyond.

Inching Closer To Truth

The fundamental truth of the universe is something that we can’t describe in words. We can explain what it refers to, but we don’t know what it is. Nobody does. Anything that your brain can imagine exists because of this “fundamental truth.” That fundamental truth is base reality. All of the probabilities say we’re likely not in base reality. This means we’re living in a dream world. If we want to know the truth of everything, we must embark on a journey to base reality. That is the purpose of Tao Space Exploration.

Important Efforts of Tao Space Exploration

Tao’s Space initiatives are all centered around expanding humanity as far as possible into the universe while maximizing prosperity.


Our project aimed at enabling internet access in all human regions of space


Deep Space transit, allowing for fast human transport universally

and much more…

Ensuring Life is Exciting

Earth is a tiny speck in the vastness of the galaxy. Our galaxy, in turn, is minuscule in the universe, and the universe itself is but a dot in the multiverse. Despite this cosmic insignificance, we experience the full spectrum of human existence on this small blue planet. While some today may complain about depression, envision a future where Tao’s success and robust space exploration make such struggles nearly obsolete.

Reducing Diplomatic Folly

There’s a lot of foolish action going on between humanity recently, where we’re mass murdering our own species. These “wars” have resulted in the deaths of countless valuable human lives full of infinite potential. But now that potential is gone forever, because they are all dead. It’s not “one side good, one side bad,” it is the fault of both sides. There are no angels in war. Tao will encourage people to look beyond these irrational conflicts between humanity, and gain a cosmic perspective.

Public Statement on Tao Space Division

See Tao’s latest important statement on its space research and exploration division, codenamed Deep. We continue to work towards making the impossible possible.