Space Network

next-generation deep space network

The Tao Space Network is being developed to extrapolate upon the NASA Deep Space Network, to allow for access to the universal internet during space transit, along with all off-Earth human colonies.


There is no doubt that humanity will expand beyond the solar system and eventually beyond the galaxy.

However, right now, we have no solar-system-wide internet network set up. If you were on Mars and you’d want to access the internet, you would have to access internet data via the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, and it’d be so slow that it’s basically unusable. Tao changes this.

spacenet brings internet access to:

Sphere of Influence of Mars, Solar System
Sphere of Influence of the Jovian System, in our Solar System
Sphere of Influence of the Saturn System, Solar System
Alpha Centauri Star System and beyond

a critical part of humanity

The internet is fundamentally one of the most valuable assets to humanity. Through the internet we are given the ability to learn about anything we can imagine, communicate with other people, share valuable information with humanity, and much more. It is a no-brainer that we must find a way to preserve humanity’s access to the internet during our expansion into space. We will no longer call it the “Global Internet“ but instead “Universal Internet”.

internet caching

Due to the laws of physics, if we accessed the Earth internet from far-away planets every time we went on the internet, it would be so slow that, if you accessed any internet website from Alpha Centauri, it would take 4.37 years for the request signal to reach Earth and 4.37 additional years for the website content to be delivered to you via radio signal. You’d have aged 9 years. Tao uses a unique caching system to avoid making constant web requests.

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high bandwidth capabilities

The Tao Space Network would consist of thousands of satellites per star system (and in between the star systems). As the number of satellites increases, so does the amount of large data that can be transferred simultaneously. The Space Network would handle unprecedented amounts of data and information throughout the solar system and beyond, ensuring that humankind remains interconnected.

INTERNET during transit

The Tao Space Network provides internet not just to those living or stationed on planets in our solar system and beyond, but also to orbital space stations as well as those in transit in a spacecraft going from one place to another. The same level (if not, faster and more reliable) of internet connection is provided so that space travelers can access Humanity’s universal internet, to stay connected with the rest of the world and our species.

more info about the Tao space network

Tao provides public limited-info documents regarding the functionality of its projects and more info. You, below, can see the document for the respective project of this page.