Tao Shield: Codename World Shield

Protecting Mankind from all large-scale threats

Tao Shield, also known as World Shield, is a global entity proposed by Tao to address major wrongdoings and protect humanity from a wide range of threats, both internal and external.

Tao Space Exploration (Deep): Defense

Vigorously Defending the Invaluable Human Race

Working day and night to develop and integrate new ways to defend humankind against all forms of threats.

Created and operated under Tao’s Space Research and Exploration effort (“Deep”).

Space Research and Exploration Division of Tao.

Increased Human Unity

Tao Shield creates maximum prosperity for the people. Though largely focused on the defense of humankind, it also fosters the strong unification of our species, as a byproduct of having a common goal. Not only will this increase optimism, objectivity when forming opinions, and happiness, but it helps to prevent wars from taking place within humanity, as this initiative largely focuses on defending against threats existing outside of humanity.

Securing Humanity

The increased unification and decrease in amount of wars within humanity would significantly help to preserve humanity in the long-term, exponentially increasing its chances of permanent survival and decreasing the risk of extinction. As time moves forward, humanity’s prosperity would continue to grow dramatically every waking hour as a result of our species’ continued growth in terms of population, advancement, and knowledge.

Defending Against the Most Dangerous Threats


  • Solar Flares
  • Asteroids
  • Extraterrestrial Life
  • Biological Weapons
  • Pollutants


  • Early Warning System
  • Asteroid Redirection
  • Advanced Weaponry
  • Currently Confidential
  • Currently Confidential

Surveillance Sphere

The Tao Shield Surveillance Sphere consists of various systems and technologies to surveil and closely monitor cosmic activities occurring outside of humanity’s sphere of influence, to keep watch of any events that may be hazardous to humanity. This is to track the movement of incoming geomagnetic storms, asteroids, extraterrestrials, and more. The surveillance sphere also monitors for unusual activity within humanity’s sphere of influence (i.e., on Earth, Moon, Mars, etc).

Tao Early Warning System

Tao Shield would offer an international early warning system app allowing you to get notified about updates regarding the latest observations by the Tao Shield Surveillance Sphere and other Tao Shield tools, so you can stay updated with any hazardous developments occurring. This may include the detection of an incoming geomagnetic storm or asteroid, or any other threats to humanity which affect you.

Tao Public Statement on Tao Shield

Tao Shield is a division of Tao’s Space Research and Exploration division, named Deep. You can see our latest public statement on Tao Shield below.